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Dr. Connie Linh Chi Vuong has been an eye care practitioner for over a decade. She worked as an associate doctor at a surgical center for about 6 years, caring for pre- and post- lasik patients. After seeing so many nearsighted patients, she realized that the problem of wearing thicker and thicker glasses was alarmingly sight-threatening!

Reflecting back at the specialty training she received at Pacific University, she was blessed with the knowledge of an exceptional therapy that can help control the prescription from getting stronger. This sight-saving therapy is called Orthokeratology, or Ortho-K. Dr. Vuong has been involved in numerous research on Ortho-K therapy while still a first year optometric student. During her 4th year, she published a senior thesis on this topic titled, "The Effects of Various Optical Zone of Ortho-K Lenses". This article is currently found at the Pacific University library.

Due to the alarmingly rapid increased of nearsighted/ shortsighted in children, Dr. Vuong decided to establish a brand new facility/clinic that specializes in providing a prevention/ controlling eye care therapy that can help children halt or slow down the progression of their worsen eyesight. In addition, in majority of cases, this magical Ortho-K therapy can allow children to see clearly WITHOUT the need for glasses or soft contact lenses ALL DAY LONG! These children only need to wear these terrific medical devices while they sleep and remove them in the morning. Thereafter, they are able to see clearly to function all day long while in school or while active in various sports. *If you are concern about your child's increased prescription, let us provide you with all the information you need to make a change in your child's eyes health. After using our Specialty Vision Care Therapy, your child can see clearly without the total dependency on glasses. An added bonus to this wonderful therapy is that child's prescription will be controlled."*


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